Saturday, May 9, 2009

“SA TUNA AT GINHAWA”(Documentaries)


Sandra Aguinaldo

Donny Sonoron

Rosalie Sonoron
Wife of Donny

Amparo Sonoron
Mother of Donny

Lorlie Ann Sonoron
Elder daughter of Rosalie and Donny

Nonoy Peritos

Elsie Peritos
Wife of Nonoy

Jerry Nodalo
“Kapitan ng Bangka”

Amy Nodalo
Wife of Jerry

Danny Asis Jr.
15 y/o fisherman


“Sa Tuna at Ginhawa" tells the dramatic stories of tuna fishermen at sea…and the families they leave behind.
Though the lives of many of their companions have been claimed by the Pacific Ocean, the menfolk of Visayan Village in Quezon province continue to go off in search of the elusive giant tuna.
Aguinaldo joins a group of these fishermen as they eat, sleep, and catch tuna in the open sea for days on end. Her cameras capture their struggle to survive. Meanwhile, their families face agony and anxiety as they await the return of their fathers, husbands, brothers.
Big rewards await those who catch the valuable tuna – but Sandra discovers not all fishermen enjoy such luck. Many fishing boats they passed along the way had no catch. And one gripping sequence of the documentary shows a fisherman’s boat almost dragged underwater by the strong tides.
Sandra went home first and the fishermen left in the sea. After eight days the group which she left before arrive. They caught only ten pieces of tuna in eight days for eighty three thousands. They need to divide it among themselves.


How hard being fishermen was. You did not know what will happen to you in the middle of the sea while searching for your living. You did not know when your life will be.

But the fishermen don’t mind this instead they continue fishing. They don’t even mind although their companions claimed their lives by the big tides of the sea. They only mind what will they have if they ill not go fishing.

Fishermen know that fishing is likely playing between life and death, to survive or not. But even though they know it, there are many Filipinos whose livelihood is fishing.

Well at least it is a better job than to be a holdaper. But the only problem is you do not know when your life will be claimed by the big tides in the sea.

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